Pregnancy and Exercise Awareness Month was established in 2012.  Each year we choose a theme.  In 2013 we focused on the benefits of an active pregnancy.  In 2014 we asked the question, "Is exercise medicine for pregnant women?" Our 2015 theme was "It's never too early to be an active role model." Our 2016 theme was "Training for Pregnancy, Labour and Parenthood".  Our 2017 theme was "It's never too early or too late". Our 2018 theme it was “It takes a village”. Our 2019 theme is….

New Guideline for Exercise Throughout Pregnancy

The 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy has been released. With the last guidelines published in 2003, we are beyond excited to share this new guideline with women and their healthcare providers. One of our favourite quotes is, “Prenatal physical activity should be considered a frontline therapy for reducing the risk of pregnancy complications and enhancing maternal physical and mental health.” There are changes in regards to how often and how long pregnant women should exercise and a shift in the recommendations about supine exercise. We are happy to see a new, simpler and more age-inclusive target heart rate chart as well.  We have been busy updating our blog with information from the new guideline and will be highlighting the major changes and additions on social media.

How to Promote Pregnancy & Exercise Awareness Month

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