South Community Birth Program - A Village for Pregnancy

The South Community Birth Program in Vancouver B.C. is a unique clinic focused on bringing pregnancy and birth back to a community-based, peer supported, primary care experience.   They are a team of family physicians, registered midwives, nurses and doulas working together to offer clients complete care during pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum care up to six weeks. Pregnant women can self-refer to the SCBP and do not need a doctors referral. The program is open to all women living in Vancouver. BC.

We caught up with RN Caroline Philippson and asked her how she helps clients enjoy the many benefits of an active lifestyle during pregnancy?

"We promote an active lifestyle during pregnancy not only for the women's physical well being but also for their mental well being. Being pregnant and especially the post-partum period can be a difficult transition period for many women and an active lifestyle can help decrease the stress that women are feeling during this period. We promote prenatal exercise and yoga classes and one of our doula's actually does prenatal yoga classes which are fabulous.

When patients are with us for 6 weeks post partum, we stress the importance of slowly getting back into activity, listening to their body daily and adjusting their activity accordingly. There are even huge benefits to getting outside, even if it is only walking the block once. We are so thankful to Melanie Osmack from Fit 4 Two who comes and does a post partum talk to our moms about safely getting back into fitness after having a baby.

We also asked Caroline for is one piece of exercise advice for pregnant women.

"Choose something active to do that you enjoy doing so that you will actually stick to doing it! If you try and do something that is not enjoyable to you, it will be so difficult to create a routine around that. Do an activity that involves people as well so that there is a motivation to get out and regularly participate and to be consistent."

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