3 exercises that will help you birth in the position you choose

Are you hoping to birth in a squatting position?  On your side?  On all fours?  Here are 3 exercises that will give you the strength and flexibility you'll need when your baby is ready to be born be born.

Squatting lengthens and strengthens the muscles needed to birth in a squatting, semi-squatting, hands and knees or even standing position.

Lunges increase gluteal and thigh strength which will come in handy if you decide to push in a side-lying or squatting position.

Hands and knees exercises (Ex. Cat/Cow, Super Mom) will give you the strength and stamina needed if you spend a prolonged period of time in this position during labour. Added bonus: Spending time on your hands (or elbows) and knees during the third trimester helps with optimal fetal positioning.  In other words, it can help to decrease your changes of a breech or posterior birth.

Need some guidance and motivation? Contact info@fit4two.ca for a TRY A FREE CLASS pass. We also have an excellent blog post outlining the current prenatal fitness guidelines here.