4 Ways Attending a Prenatal Fitness or Yoga Class can Help you Prepare for Labour

Labour is called labour for a reason. Its hard work…and we recommend training for it.  Attending a prenatal fitness or yoga class taught be a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist can help you to prepare.  You can expect to:

1. Practice breath work for stress reduction and coping with the sensation of pain.

2. Learn how to activate and tone your pelvic floor muscles in order to reduce the likelihood of pelvic organ prolapse, perineal tearing or the need for an episiotomy.

3. Practice comfort positions that you can use during pregnancy and labour.

4. Strengthen and lengthen the muscles necessary for the many positions and movements of labour and childbirth.

When looking for a prenatal fitness or yoga class, pick up your local community centre guide or do a search on google.  Look for instructors who are certified fitness trainers with additional certifications in pre and postnatal fitness