Kids Under 6?

Then you won't be surprised to find out that most parents with kids under six-years-old struggle to make time for fitness.  Parenting young children is busy, messy, unpredictable and tiring.  It is also rewarding, heart-warming, fun and exciting.  Regardless, making time for self-care can be a challenge.

Stay-at-home parents, you might not believe me but this is often the easiest time to fit in exercise.  You can take baby for a power walk in the stroller/carriers, attend a mom & baby fitness class, do some body-weight exercises while baby naps at home or in the stroller.  Working outside the home parents, I know what you are thinking.  How can you justify going to the gym after work when you should be home helping your partner with the baby?  Have you heard of the oxygen mask analogy?  If you don't take care of yourself it is hard to take care of others.  Talk to your partner about a family exercise schedule that honors everyone's needs.

We like Active for Life because they offer fun ideas about being active with kids