10 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Exercise

1. Energy
One of the best ways to increase energy levels is to get moving.  Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.  This results in more energy for everyday tasks.  

2. Comfort
Most pregnancy aches and pains come from muscular imbalances, pressure of the growing uterus and a shifting of the spine and pelvis.  Regular exercise, especially muscular endurance, prenatal specific core work and stretching can help prevent and reduce these discomforts.

3. Injury Prevention
Just like a well maintained car is less likely to breakdown, so is a fit and healthy body.  Many woman complain of feeling somewhat clumsy during pregnancy.  Adding muscular endurance, prenatal specific core work and balance exercises to your routine can help increase coordination.

4. Healthy Weight Gain
Healthy weight gain helps to prevent pregnancy complications such a gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and an increase in labour interventions.  

5. Healthy Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular exercise helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

6. Prevention of Gestational Diabetes
Regular cardiovascular exercise helps to prevent and manage gestational diabetes. This reduces the incidence of labour interventions and cesarean birth.  It also reduces the likelihood of the mother and child developing Type II Diabetes later in life.

7. Mental Health
Exercise is a safe, accessible and noninvasive way to prevent and manage depression and anxiety.  

8. Stamina for Labour and Parenting
Ask any woman who has gone through labour and she will tell you that it was one of the most physically intense endeavors she has ever experienced.  Ask any parent of young children and they will assure you that parenting is seriously physical work.  Fact: Being strong, fit and healthy will help make parenting more manageable.

9. Stress Reduction
AS beautiful and wonderful as pregnancy is, it also brings stressors such as medical tests, relationship tension, financial worries and more.  Exercise is a proven tool for reducing stress.

10. Role Modeling
Pregnant women have a unique opportunity to set the stage for an active family.  Our 2015 Pregnancy & Exercise Awareness Month theme is Be a Role Model.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook as we illustrate just how important being an active parent is for our children.

Now let’s talk about exercising safely through your pregnancy.